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Printing on boards and ribs

Off line printing on boards and ribs

Adding the Photon-jet to a conveyor belt makes it possible to apply logos, large black areas, product/item designations and IPPC logos, among other things, to planks and ribs for agri or flower boxes and wooden export packaging for machinery.

Why Photon-jet for boards and ribs?

  • perfect printing of semi-finished products
  • problem-free printing at ambient temperatures from 1 to 45 °C
  • 100% sun, frost and water resistant prints for up to 20 years
  • perfect printing of black surfaces
  • no regular maintenance
  • high-resolution print quality
Go4Inkjet - printen op bekisting
printing IPPC logos
Go4Inkjet pallet printing
printing special logos
Go4Inkjet - printen op deksels
Printing at various greyscales
Go4Inkjet printen planken en ribben
printing item designations
Go4Inkjet pallet stapel
printing pallet designation numbers

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