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Printing on pressblocks

Printing on pressblocks

Quickly and easily print on pressblocks with consistent quality. It doesn’t matter if they are dark or light. Set the contrast and print in black or white. The Photon-jet system makes sharp prints continuously, even at 250 pressblocks per minute.

Why Photon-jet for pressblocks?

  • no more fumes
  • personalization of pressblocks
  • largest print distance in the market
  • problem-free printing at ambient temperatures of 1 to 45 °C
  • 100% sun, frost and water resistant prints for up to 20 years
  • no periodic maintenance

For whom is Photon-jet suitable?

Our ink-jet system is suitable for producers of pallets, boards and boxes. This is why they choose Photon-jet from Go4inkjet:

  • total cost of ownership (tco)
  • flexibility in printing
  • higher production
  • no fire hazard

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