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Printing on new pallets

Printing on new pallets

The Photon-jet is ideally suited for printing on pallets because of its unique printing distance of 20 millimeters to the pallet. In combination with an included 4 mm thick stainless steel housing this allows for printing without damage at various speeds.

Why Photon-jet?

  • easy integration due to large print distance
  • problem-free printing at ambient temperatures from 1 to 45 °C
  • 100% sun, frost and water resistant prints for up to 20 years
  • no regular maintenance
  • high resolution printing quality
Go4inkjet QR-code stapel pallets
Go4inkjet QR-code stapel

For whom is Photon-jet suitable?

Our ink-jet system is suitable for producers of pallets, boards and boxes. This is why they choose Photon-jet from Go4inkjet:

  • total cost of ownership (tco)
  • flexibility in printing
  • higher production
  • no fire hazard
  • less handwork
  • high resolution printing
  • CO₂ reduction

Printing QR codes on EPAL pallets

The Photon jets deliver QR codes that are perfectly legible with a smartphone. For this reason, they are used in the iPAL project.

Go4Inkjet - PhotonJet printing inside pallet
printing with big overlapping
Go4Inkjet - PhotonJet printing QR on EPAL
reading QR code on the fly
Go4Inkjet - PhotonJet printing wood
perfectly legible QR codes

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