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Fully automated pallet production with MBA Automation and Go4Inkjet

Go4Inkjet and MBA Automation

More pallets at the end of a working day? Satisfied customers? Saving costs? That’s when smart machines or production lines come in. Printing logos, IPPC or date codes? PhotonJet produces razor sharp and non fading markings on wet, dry and damaged wood.

Fast and accurate printing for any kind of production

Pallet production and repair made easy

This is what MBA Automation and Go4Inkjet aim for. Ralph Bernard, MBA Automation: “We build custom-made machines and systems for the pallet industry and related industries around Europe. Go4Inkjet knows everything about printing. Together we supply turnkey solutions.”

Print pressblocks, ribs and boards

Easily switch from a (short) series of pressblocks to ribs or boards and vice versa. The same goes for markings. If one customer needs text or logo and another IPPC codes, it is just a matter of uploading the right image into the Go4Inkjet printing system. Intensity, spacing: finetuning a marking is a matter of pushing buttons on a screen.

One man operation

Ernest Langbroek, Go4Inkjet: “Printing ‘on the go’ and the flexibility of easily alternating between pressblocks, boards and ribs make this system unique. It significantly speeds up the production of custom made pallets, crates and boxes. All you need is one operator. Easy does it!”

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