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Why burning when there is printing?

German pallet producer Krenzer Paletten uses Photon-Jet for printing wooden pallets. Because printing is fast, sustainable and safe. And a solid, low maintenance printing system for the wood industry is there.

Printing logos

“We use the Photon-Jet to print IPPC, EPAL, special logos and timestamps”, says Johannes Krenzer, Krenzer Paletten. “Quickly alternating between digital images is a real benefit. Especially since we produce several thousand pallets a day for different clients worldwide.”

Low ink consumption

According to Mr Krenzer, installation of the Photon-Jet went easy and pallet production was only interrupted for a very short time. ”With a flat print head, low ink consumption and sharp prints time after time this printing system is best suited for us”, he adds. “And we were absolutely impressed with the competence and commitment involved!”

Want to find out more about printing wooden pallets and blocks? Feel free to contact us!

Photon-Jet printing at Krenzer Paletten